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This was created for a performance on AGT last year, and the project fell through. The effect however works as conceived and I have it here in my shop.

      Here's the problem: It's taking up valuable shop space and I need to sell it. This is a "ONE TIME ONLY" and will never be built again because of the time involved!!! If you want a Large Effect for the stage, and something that is totally unique, then this might be right for you.


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Dream Illusions Testimonial:

We have had the benefit of working with Jack Murray (Dream Illusions) for 10 years. Over the years we have sold many of his illusions and have never had a problem with them.


In fact I remember Shawn Farquhar told me he purchased a Fire Cage and was very pleased with it. I knew at this point, being that Shawn is a true "worker" that this item more then holds it's own.


Jack is exceptionally diligent and aggressive when it comes to satisfying customers. We at Stevens Magic, therefore, fully endorse both the man and his many incredible illusions!

Joe & Mark Stevens

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Fabrication Materials

Dream Illusions fabricates almost exclusively in aluminum for all it's props. It's mig welded for strength, but still breaks down for packing. We also use a very durable powder coat finish on the metal. This insures the prop you get is built to last and is far superior to a prop built of wood.






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